Become a Designated Driver for ZeroDUI™

ZeroDUI employs mature, friendly dependable people with clean driving records. Our drivers work on an on-call basis, and as a Driver Team. One Designated Driver and one Support Driver available If you and your spouse or room-mate, have free time on your hands, apply to be a life saver and earn!

Requirements, skills and personality required

When you receive a call you and your Team mate must both be prepared to leave immediately.
ZeroDUI needs safe drivers who are "People" people.
Drivers are responsible for keeping a detailed log and submitting that log within 24hrs
Designated drivers must have an understanding that the client's vehicle is an extension of their personal space and know how to be professional and respectful. They must also understand the importance of discretion when dealing with individuals under the influence.

Designated Driver and Support Driver must be able to

Drive with confidence and safety
Provide a California DMV Driver's License Report (Available online) and a color copy of CA Drivers License
Be willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing.
Sign a policy and procedures contract, a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of our members, and a non-compete clause.

Designated Driver

Must be a good communicator, over 21 and hold a clean California Drivers License record.

Support Driver

While a perfectly clean driving record is not essential, the support driver needs to be over 18 and a confident navigator.

Team equipment required

Reliable, insured vehicle (proof of comprehensive insurance is required)
A GPS navigator (phone with GPS OK)
Smart phone with Internet and SMS capability
Access to email
ZeroDUI Attire

Minimum Team Tip $3 per mile with a $30 minimum

Designated Driver Teams are independent contractors and are not paid by the hour and work solely for Team Tips. Team Tips are paid directly to the driver in cash, or credit card. Anyone using the service is required to pay a minimum Team Tip of $3 per mile with a $30 minimum. Historically, 80% - 90% of Team Tips are paid in cash. An average ride will be about 10 miles. We encourage our members and customers to tip appropriately for extended wait-time.

Independent Contractor's Agreement

Driver Teams are employed as Independent Contractors and are responsible for their own fuel, maintenance, vehicle insurance and operating costs.

Once approved as ZeroDUI™ Driver Team, simply Text the ZeroDUI™ Dispatch operator your location and hours of availability then go about your normal activities until you receive a call. You will also receive a driver's manual with all the standard operating procedures. We operate service 24/7 San Diego & North County area. We have a need for Teams in all areas available day or night.

Drivers work in teams at all times. Do you have someone who you can
work with as a team?
Yes        No
There are two drivers per team. We only need to interview the person
who will be driving the client's car. Are you that person?
Yes        No
Are you over the age of 21?
Yes        No
Is the support driver over the age of 18?
Yes        No
Do you have a clean driving record, No DUIs, no Speeding Tickets?
(If so, you will need to provide a California Driver's license Report which you can get from the DMV)
Yes        No
Do you have a reliable car and liability insurance?
(Proof of insurance will be needed)
Yes        No
Do you have a GPS? (phone gps ok)
Yes        No
Do you have a smartphone (android or iphone only) with internet access?
Yes        No

Designated Driver Services

San Diego DUI prevention. We are a company dedicated to avoid drunk driving by providing a reliable 24/7 designated driver program.

  • Text or Call (619) 800-3842
    Schedule a pick-up time and location
  • Hand keys to Designated Driver
    Confirm your drop-off location
  • You ride home in your own car
    Guests can be dropped off along the way
  • Tip your Designated Driver
    $3 per mile with a $30 minimum